Leader Resources

Leaders, Here are some useful links to assist you;


Online Scout Manager – www.onlinescoutmanager.co.uk

Brand Centre – www.scoutsbrand.org.uk

Scout.org – www.scouts.org.uk

Scout Adventures – www.www.scoutadventures.org.uk

Scout Resources – www.mossyresources.com

Staffordshire County – www.staffordshirescouts.org.uk

Google Drive Shared Documents – www.drive.google.com/drive

Scout Shops – www.shop.scouts.org.uk

Useful Documents:

Group Blank Sponsor Form

Nights Away Notification Form

Activity Consent Form

Blank Risk AssessmentĀ 


Yellow Card – Safeguarding

Orange Card – Young Leader Safeguarding

Green Card – Alcohol

Purple Card – What To Do In An Emergency

White Card – Staying SafeĀ