How Scouting came to Hednesford:

Tom Patchett was only 20 years old in the summer of 1908 when he decided to start a Scout Troop. He began with a small group of boys from the Sunday School on the Congregational Church in Mount Street. They met in the classroom which was to be the Troops home for the next Thirty-Five years.

The Scout Troop was proved to be very popular and soon it was opened to other boys and the original ones became Patrol Leaders and Seconds. The Troop was now open to all denominations , the only condition being that regular attendance at his own church was expected of each Scout.

The Mavis Road Headquarters:

The Second World War brought with it the need for blackouts, the windows in the Church were difficult to cover so many church events were moved into the Sunday School Room. The crowding prompted the scouts to think about moving out into a place of their own.

As a temporary measure, a section of an army hut was purchased and erected at the bottom of Mrs. Allen’s garden in Pye Green. The hut backed onto the woods and many patrol activities took place there. Sometimes the boys spilt over into the kitchen and the Rovers often met in the front room of the house.

As the amount of money in the funds grew the Search began for a suitable site that the Scouts could afford. They chose and bought a patch of land by the Water Tower at Pye Green, for about £150. The Council put a compulsory purchase order on the site. Quite a battle began , the Scout Group were not prepared to give up their land without a fight. The Council were unsympathetic but eventually agreed to provide another piece of ground.

Several sites were offered and a section of land became available of Mavis Road. This was ideal as it was central and close to the Town, making it easier for the boys to get to.

The Scouts agreed and began to look for a suitable building. There had been Italian prisoners of war at the camp and the huts they had were being sold off. The Scouts enquired about theses and bought one for £45.

Continued fund raising since then has paid for the lining of the walls and has maintained the building ever since. It is often said that 1st Hednesford Scout Group is lucky to have it’s own Headquarters.