JOTT 2020

This year our JOTT hike cannot be run as it usually is due to the current pandemic situation. Therefore we are asking members to take part in a collective effort for 1st Hednesford to travel the distance as if we were walking from John O’Groats to Lands End.

This is a distance of 1200 miles for us to collectively cover, without anyone breaching current UK Government guidelines regarding time spent exercising and social distancing. Each time a member exercises we are asking parents to access this form and populate the fields below, this will enable us to easily keep track on our collective progress, photos are a great way of remembering just what we are all up to but are not necessary for every submission.

On average if all young members and leaders take part we need to cover approximately 7 miles each. This is a target distance, so members should only do what they are able to, given our ranges of age and capabilities. Those who are recorded as taking part in the event will receive an official JOTT 2020 badge from 1st Hednesford Scout Group.

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